Some Online Marketing Ideas You Need To Follow

Online Marketing Business Content Strategy Target ConceptIf you have done any online marketing, then you already know that it is never easy, although it is certainly better and more cost-effective than advertising on TV, radio and the newspapers. In this article, we are going to walk you through some solid marketing ideas that you need to follow if you want to build your brand and, more importantly, generate more sales.

Online Marketing – Help People

Solve Problems Marketing Plan

The average person on Facebook and the average person who is researching on Google do not like to be advertised to. In other words, hard sell does not work online. So, if you are doing pay-per-click advertising, the worst thing you can do is to sell your product. What you want to do is to help people solve their problems. Trust us, when you help people first, they will buy from you. Take your product, sit down and brainstorm what problems it can solve. Next, create content (videos and blog posts) around those problems and their solutions.

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Online Marketing Strategies – Know Your Customers’ Hot Button Content Marketing

Although humans are intelligent beings, the fact is that they are creatures of habit that buy on emotion. Whatever it is that you promote, make sure that you do research on what makes your customers buy a product or service in the same category – get to the heart of their big WHY. Even more important, identify the hot phrases or the words that trigger them to buy and incorporate them in your marketing messages. If you can crack this one among the many marketing ideas out there, you could double your sales instantly.

Online Marketing Strategies – Creative Marketing Ideas

Put your ads or CTA on the upper left-hand side. If you are maintaining a website with the intention of generating more sales or leads instead of building your brand, put your call-to-action or CTA on the left-hand side because eye movement of website visitors move from the upper left to the right. This is the hotspot where people are more inclined to do what you want them to do, whether that is clicking on your sales page or entering their email addresses in an opt-in form.

Online Marketing Strategies – Digital Marketing Do Honest Marketing

In this world where honesty is a rare commodity, the winners in the  marketing game are those people who come across as real and honest people. That said, do everything you can to make your website more authentic. For starters, if you are earning commissions from a link that you put on a web post, tell it to your website visitors (actually, this is something that you are required to do under the law). Also, disclose whatever issues there are with the product or service that you are promoting.

Search Engine Land – Engage Your Customers Advertising Ideas

Engaging your customers by encouraging them to leave a comment on your post or sharing it on their social media account not only generates buzz around your business, it also helps your search engine rankings. That said, whatever comment your visitor leaves, make sure to respond to it. There are visitors out there who only read the comments and do not leave their own, forming opinions about your business as they do.

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